Salon + Supper

April 10 @TheRiveter


In collaboration with Ecolibrium Farms, we set up shop once again in The Riveter kitchen, this time to host their monthly Salon + Supper.  In honor of Earth Month, we focused our food systems dialogue around plastic packaging.

Members and their guests joined us at the kitchen island to prep our seasonally inspired meal.  While chopping, zesting, and stirring the pot, we answered the evening's opening circle question - what plastic item in your kitchen are you loathe to give up?

Our Menu

  freshly pickled last season's carrots

root vegetable stew

bitter greens salad

Kirsop Farm amaranth


Lively conversation ensued.  We explored recycle and compost options, what really happens after the recycle bin gets picked up, commercial use of plastic containers (from farm to store to restaurant), toxicity in our foods, alternative packing, and more.  Over amaranth alegrias (think nutty cookie-like dessert), we shared our action items for Earth Month 2018.

Thanks The Riveter Community for an inspired evening!

Lunch on the Farm

October 8, 2017 @ Ecolibrium Farms

The ideal circumstance for efficient digestion would go a little like this: You begin preparation of your meal with your family by going our to your own garden and picking fresh vegetables. You see fresh food and vibrant colors, and completely appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into growing it. The appreciation would not be limited to yourself and your family who tended the garden, but of course also to Nature—for the plants’ efforts and the miracle of the sun, the soil, and the seed all coming together to create this beautiful food. You bless the food first and then eat the food over thoughtful conversation, or listening to music that is conducive to good digestion.
— Melina Meza, Art of Sequencing

We began in the fields with this reading.  We wandered and gathered, whatever looked good.  We brought it all to the table by the fire and made up a menu together.  Some washed, some chopped, some nibbled, some stirred the pot.  We sat down late afternoon to our feast - radishes, bread, butter, soup, salad, wine - and with each other.   

When was the last time you were on a farm?  we asked each other.  The answers led us here and there and everywhere.  We showed up mostly strangers and left friends.