Pop-up Lunch

March 19 @theriveter


As we hibernated over winter, we wondered...what happens when two people show up in a work space with farm fresh ingredients, a burner, a pot, and some kitchen tools and just start cooking?  We emerged at The Riveter on the final day of winter to test a theory that community can be built around food.  While people sat in the distance at laptops in their own worlds, we took over a kitchen in plane sight of all, and made lunch. 

Lunch Menu

Chickpea and vegetable stew with pungent spices

Kale Salad with fresh herbs, lemon, walnuts and apple

Local PNW Quinoa

Fresh pressed Ginger tea with honey

One by one, folks crept up to the counter and inquired.  We invited them to eat.  Soon we had a half dozen people taking a moment out of a busy day to eat a warm meal and indulge in conversation.