In the thick of it

August 2017 @ Ecolibrium Farms


This is the moment. The apex of our summer flush.

Right now everything, truly everything, is in season. The perfect mash between the last crops from earlier this year, and the full-on production of high summer. Now more than ever the farm dictates my life, and drives my inspiration. All around is an astounding diversity of fresh fruits and vegetables. A healthy sheen and summer tan come standard as the entire region is abuzz with festivals and camping and hikes and bikes.

Rebekah and I have long talked (since the day we met) about the emotional significance of sharing food. From a biological perspective this is the ultimate submission of a individual into the tribe. To give up some of your own food, your own survival, in return for shared community and safety. Safety in numbers. Family. The most powerful ties we have in life. 

Today, far too often these tenants of human behavior are ignored and belittled as inconvenient and time consuming. Our relationships, families, and selves suffer as a result.

In August these two paradigms crash together and even the most inaccessible parts of our food system get a breath of fresh air, a summer barbecue, vegetables and fruit so ripe all you have to do is bite into them. A democratization of healthy eating made possible only by nature’s overwhelming bounty.

For me (and most of us) this is a highlight of the year, where the colors, flavors, and feelings are at their most poignant and bright. For some of our community, our city, the people we rub elbows with everyday this may be their only interaction with local produce all year long, if they get it at all.

I eat peaches by the pound and berries by the handful, I don’t even step foot into a grocery store this month choosing instead to eat from the market. Meanwhile, children and families right here are robbed of that opportunity, provided an overabundance of shoddy, flavorless, and convenient food.